Sittin With Da Producer - DarkSunn

Welcome to SittinOnMusic’s weekly blog series the “Sittin With Da Producer”. This week we’re traveling overseas to experience the beats of DarkSunn, a producer based in Portugal. If all you know is American beats, then DarkSunn’s beats will give you something new to taste for your musical palette.
“Mandalorian Death Touch” is the third track of DarkSunn’s and the tenth track on the album. It has a melody that creates a mysterious and somewhat ominous vibe. Follow this with a steady beat and the track is irresistible. In the middle of the track you’ll hear a voice say “now listen.” Every time I give the track another listen and here that part it always grabs my attention and makes me focus on the music. At the end the main melody is played on a piano and voices talk over it, giving a feeling that you’re in a bar or a club.
“Evil Demon has Me Trippin” is as great a track as its name. Don’t get too comfortable listening to the chill beat however, as there’s a bit of a surprise at the end of the track, which I won’t spoil, that sheds light on the title. I’d say it’s my favorite track on the album. Tracks like this sound like the producer not only has passion, but has fun making beats. It’s a rare treat, and DarkSunn’s passion oozes from every track, not just this one.



We were able to get DarkSunn to answer some questions about himself, below you will see his answers and get to learn more about him.

SittinOnMusic: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. Could you start by telling our readers your name and where you are from
DarkSunn: My name is DarkSunn, I'm from Almada, Portugal.

SOM: How long have you been making music?
DS: I've been making beats for close to 20 years.

SOM: How would you describe your sound?
DS: Dense, mid tempo, grainy, dusty Hip Hop Beats

SOM: How did you get involved with music?
DS: When I was a kid I was introduced to Hip Hop and eventually to Portuguese Hip Hop. After a while, I got hold of Enter the 36th Chambers by Wu-Tang and it clicked: I wanted to make Hip Hop music. A little while after and a few experiments writing my own rhymes, I eventually started making beats and found out that my voice was better translated through that form than by rapping.

SOM: Who’s been the most influential person in your life?
DS: Like everyone else, I have musicians that I look up too and get inspired from. It's a very large list. But I guess the most influential group of persons must be the people at my record label, Monster Jinx. We started the label 12 years ago, completely indie, and that people is the one that really keeps me motivated to keep doing beats.

SOM: What drives you? What helps you continue to make music?
DS: Well, 20 years deep. It's a part of me right now. It means that, even if I don't make music, it still gravitates around me. I guess the main drive is to create something, to bring something new to the world as a part of my existence.

SOM: Why should people listen to your music?
DS: If you like drum, sample driven Hip Hop, a little psychedelic, a little dusty, this is it.

SOM: Are you working on any current or future projects? Are there any projects outside of music you’d like to promote?
DS: I'm a radio host for a radio show in Portugal about beat called "Tape Delay". I'm also one of the leaders of Monster Jinx, one of the oldest independent hip hop labels in Portugal.

SOM: Any last thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?
DS: Be yourself. Do the music that you like to listen to. Don't worry about numbers or popularity, this is not a contest, this is your expression. Praise the ones that came before you, but set your own lane. Love is key in everything we do, and music is not an exception.


the links to his websites and social media below.

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